Literature Review: Get Back to Where You Once Belonged by Marvin Heiferman.

I photocopied this article a while ago because it talked about snapshots, but in light of the discussion Rose and I had about Digital Natives, I thought I would post this in response to her blog entry In between analogue and digital: Growing up in the digital revolution (Meyer, 2013), and continue that conversation.

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Things my students teach me: The difference between hoping and wishing.

The other day one of my former E & A (English and Academics) students came into the library, she’s in year two now.  At the end of our conversation she said to me “I hope I am in E & A class this year.”  I replied, “I’m sorry you’re not, there is no E & A class for year two students.”

And she responded, hand to heart: “I know, but I hope I am in E & A.” Continue reading

Remembering a Daydream

Blog Remembering a daydream

Justine Giles, 2013, Remembering a daydream [watercolour and pencil, 420 x 297 mm].

I haven’t posted any of my studio work yet!  Mostly because I’m working on a reasonably large drawing that is taking a long time to finish.  But I’ve taken a break from that, so here is something I’ve been working on today.

(Apparently I was a child who did a lot of staring down and to the right!)