From my subconscious: Quote from a dream

People get upset and disagree because they want to think in binaries; either something is simple or it is complex, but often things are both simple and complex. Simple: you shouldn’t do drugs because it is destructive to your body. Complex: maybe it’s not just about a conscious decision not to.







Yes, I’m kind of horrified asleep me is handing out advice about things I don’t understand properly, just interested to wake up remembering something coherent rather than surreal.

Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Awards

Glaister Ennor Art AwardsLeft to right, top to bottom: Sione Faletau; Joanna Neumegen; Dan Nash; Stephen Ellis; Ryder Jones; Brent Hayward; Rebecca Frogley; Elle Anderson; Justine Giles; Alexander Bartleet; Anne-Sophie Adelys; Riley Claxton; Alexa Mickell; Amy Blinkhorne; Lucy Meyle; Kerryanne Wilson

The Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Awards evening was on Tuesday and Whitecliffe’s own Riley Claxton and Alexa Mickell both received awards:  Riley won the Barfoot & Thompson award, and Alexa won the Glaister Ennor special award selected by the Glaister Ennor staff.

The overall award went to Stephen Ellis of Unitec.


The Glaister Ennor Art Awards exhibition is on at Sanderson Contemporary, Newmarket from Wednesday 27th to Sunday 31st May.

The reader who arose from the mechanical reproduction of literature is a reader acutely aware of the disjunction between book as object and book as idea. And the solitude of his or her reading takes place within the milieu of the bourgeois domestic, a milieu of interior space miming the creation of both an interior text and an interior object.
(Stewart, 1993, p. xi).